Two suspects were shot dead in phoenix, but no officers were injured


Pensacola, Fl

Two men were killed after being shot by Phoenix police officers in the night.

Officers say a mother called 911 at night after her two adult sons began fighting at a house near 22nd Street and the Indian School.

The woman said she holed up in her room and was afraid because one of her sons was behaving strangely. When the police arrived, they said the two men were inside screaming and that one of them was carrying a rifle.

Police say they saw the two men armed with firearms. Officials said one of the men ignored orders to lay down his weapon and pointed his rifle at the officers and his brother.

Two officers shot the armed suspect, wounding the two brothers. One of them died at the scene and the other died in hospital. Phoenix Police identified the two victims as George Cockreham, 43, and Emmett Cockreham, 44.

A “firearm-like” BB rifle and pistol were found from the house.

The investigation is underway.


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