A man and a woman who was raped died after storming Lowell’s home


Pensacola, Fl

A man from Lowell was accused of assaulting a man and raping a woman after storming an apartment house in Lowell, according to authorities.

The man, who officials said was in his 50s, was found dead inside the house.

The state police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s office responded at 3 pm. To report a suspicious death at 27 Queen Street.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, a man known to a woman living in a Queen Street residence broke into her home and allegedly attacked the man who was renting on the first floor.

The woman told investigators that she found the first-floor tenant dead when she got home. She said she was subsequently detained against her will and assaulted by 38-year-old Hoop Hoon.

Officials said the woman ran away from the house when Hoon fell asleep, and eventually used a neighbor’s phone to call the authorities.

According to the authorities, Hoon was subsequently detained without incident. He was charged with kidnapping, rape, assault and battery, causing serious bodily injury.

Hon summoned in Lowell County Courthouse. A judge ordered his detention without bail until the dangerous hearing.

During the trial, prosecutors said Hoon was jealous when he saw his ex-girlfriend talking to another man at the Queen Street home.

According to the police, Hoon admitted to breaking into the house through a window on the first floor to confront the man, who had just moved into the house and was emptying the boxes.

“He punched him several times in the face, knocked him to the ground, and then held him by suffocation for about 45 seconds, when he thought the victim had lost a life,” said Christopher Tarrant, assistant attorney general.

Prosecutors said that Hoon threw a blanket over the corpse and then used the victim’s phone to text his ex-girlfriend and lure her back to the apartment house. Once there, it was alleged that he had bound and raped her.

Family and friends of the deceased man said that he was 59 years old and loved in Cambodian society for his generosity.

“He was someone known and loved – always nice and helpful,” said Bouvik Palton Nou, a friend of the victim.

The victim’s son, Tom Sun, said: “He loves everyone. He is a kind-hearted person.” “He didn’t deserve anything like that.”

Prosecutors said the charges against Hoon would likely amount to murder.

The authorities have not released the man’s identity, pending notification of the next of kin and a decision from the chief medical examiner’s office regarding the cause and method of death.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Lowell Police Department, and Massachusetts State Police are investigating the investigation.


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