Rape of a 90-year-old grandmother in hospital has spread


Pensacola, Fl

, Sonja Shirdan’s grandson, Ran Shirdan, has taken to Facebook to post the account of the rape of his 90-year-old grandmother Sonja by a personal support worker at Mackenzie Health Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

Not surprisingly, the post was viral on FB (a week after it was first published, it had 27,000 shares), and the horrific story was reported by Canadian media including CityNewsToronto (see this story here), and Global News

Here is Ran Sherdan’s post on Facebook in full:

Nearly two years ago. On the week of her 90th birthday, my grandmother, Sonia Sherdan, was beaten and raped by hospital employee Shujauddin Muhammadzadeh, at McKinsey Health Hospital in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. For two years, I was silenced. But silence is betrayal and today I broke that silence.

The Canadian health system has kept this silent; The Canadian legal system has taken this under the rug. Publications fear that this will be published, and families of victims are being forced into silence.

Here, today, I hope you share this story widely; Make it spread like wildfire. Share yours, others’ pages, and public pages. Make this story viral to prevent others from falling victim to the same thing. Make this story viral until she opens Pandora’s box of bureaucratic corruption, no matter how high her chain of command is; To discourage concealment and encouragement of criminal activity.

Shujauddin Mohamed Zadeh, who was then 51 years old, allegedly assaulted and sexually assaulted at least five elderly patients, ages 88 to 91, at Mackenzie Health. The top management of the hospital – from the CEO to the executive vice president, the director of operations, the director of patient care, the director of employee relations, and the director of human resources – were informed of the assaults on the spot, and they were intentionally elected to conceal all wrongdoing by the majority for a period of seven months, as was later revealed to my mother. By the hospital administration as well as by the police.

A hospital nurse went to check on my grandmother, who was suffering from severe pneumonia, almost in a coma, only surviving through tubes. To the nurse’s alienation, she saw Zadeh, a PSW employee in charge of cleaning and bathing patients, severely raping my unconscious grandmother. Her hands were tied to the bed. Her lower lip and arms were beaten and she drew every shade from blue to red. The nurse immediately notified the hospital administration, and ordered her to remain silent. By this point, Zadeh had already spent six months sexually assaulting hospital patients. The department knew and explicitly instructed its employees not to disclose anything to the police or the families of the victims, in order to protect the hospital’s reputation.

Zadeh worked at McKinsey Health Hospital for 17 months. We know the crimes mentioned above. After nearly two years, the condition of many of the victims had deteriorated and died soon after. Zadeh currently resides with his family in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

After his final dismissal from the hospital, after two days of flabby imprisonment, Zadeh was hired for community service and home help for the elderly and initiated sexual assault of other women in Hadley Grange, an aged care facility in Aurora, Ontario. Zadeh also sexually assaulted an elderly man at the victim’s home while working as a PSW officer at We Care Home Health Services.

In January of 2016, weakened and hit by another devastating pneumonia bout, my grandmother was transported to the nursing home to the nearby McKinsey Health Home. After weeks of life support, treatment and recovery, she is back at the comforts of a nursing home – as thin as a railroad, psychologically ruined, and again with arms coated in all degrees of Hell.

Zadeh’s charges in the “Beloved Deal” were reduced from fifteen, including thirteen sexual assaults, to one. Do you intend to try him five weeks? Closed. All testimonies of the victim and family: were rejected without notice. All charges of sexual assault were struck off as if they did not exist. Reason? Insufficient evidence. But hey, are certificates not equivalent to evidence? The court ordered the immediate closure of the investigation, and the knowingly released a serial killer.

My mother, my fiancée, and I met with the Crown Attorney in the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice. We asked for clarifications of the criminal judgment. The Crown – demonically cold, cocky, calculated – readily admitted the venoms of the aforementioned crimes with a smirking smile. He acknowledged the number of crimes and the sexual nature of the assaults, and brazenly admitted that Zadeh posed a danger to the public now and in the future, and repeatedly stressed the need to accept this way the system operates, and that the case is indisputably closed.

Nearly two years later, my family has suffered untold losses. Other families too. Me, a life-long wound. Mom? Remained the same. My grandmother dead.


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