Man raped his two grandsons


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The 56-year-old man raped and sexually assaulted and wandered naked in front of two victims, aged five and nine, during a visit to their grandfather’s home

The court’s victory against gender-based violence and sexual abuse of children was secured in Baru, when “the grandfather” was sentenced to 30 years in prison for raping and harassing his granddaughters.

The 56-year-old, who has not been identified to protect the identities of the victims, was raped, sexually assaulted and wandered naked in front of two victims, aged five and nine, while visiting their grandparents’ home.

According to a spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority in the Western Cape, Eric Natapazalila, the sisters visited their grandmother and the accused, whom they considered a grandfather, for a weekend break while their parents moved.

The kids were dropped off on a Friday afternoon and brought up again on a Sunday.

Natapazlila said the eldest daughter told her mother that the man had sexually assaulted her with his hand, and he did the same with her younger sister.

He said, “I also mentioned that the accused was walking around naked in the house and that the grandmother did nothing about it.”

It was the first time that the eldest daughter was staying at the defendant’s home because the woman was not her grandmother, Netapazilela said, but the younger victim visited her often.

Fearing the worst, the mother called the girl’s father, who went to see the eldest daughter with his current wife.

After talking to the eldest daughter, the parents called the police and both children were examined.

Then the younger revealed that the accidents had occurred on multiple occasions.

“Barrow Regional Court Prosecutor, Yolanda Pretorius, told the court that both children were extremely traumatized and required extensive court preparation given their ages,” Ntapazalila said.

Court Preparatory Officer Jade Andrews held several hearings with both complainants, and also facilitated the victim effect statements of both complainants that were submitted prior to the sentencing.

“Both complainants testified and were interrogated without contradiction. The father, mother, and doctor who examined them testified.”

Natapazlila said the defendants testified and denied any wrongdoing. Grandma testified in his defense, but there were material discrepancies in their testimonies.

Based on strong state evidence, the court rejected the defense of the events and was found guilty.

He said, “The New People’s Army welcomes this sentence as it continues its efforts to combat the scourge of gender-based violence, killing of women and crimes against women and children.”

The accused was convicted on all six counts and sentenced to five years in prison for sexual assault, two sentences of 20 years in prison for rape, and two prison terms of five years for directing.


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