Grandma was accused of raping her granddaughter


Pensacola, Fl

A 65-year-old grandmother appeared in court on charges of rape, conspiracy to commit rape and attempted murder of her seven-year-old granddaughter.

The crime her mother committed against a young girl has been reported in KaNyamazane. The mother spoke to Lovefelder about what had happened to her daughter.

“At about 20:00 when I got home, I found my stepfather and his pants hanging around his knees in the corridor. I asked him where my daughter was and then I looked in the room and found her in a nightgown with her underpants. She screamed when she saw me.”

She said that the man and her mother repeatedly threatened her daughter that if she told someone they would kill her.

Her daughter told her that the grandmother was watching the door while the man would repeatedly rape her whenever she came home from school.

I was told she was even watching the window that the house was on a busy road.

“I cut ties with my mother completely, she was always cold with me and seemed to hate me when I was growing up.”

Tears burst onto the woman and said that her daughter was infected with HIV. “She never had her when she was a child, and I don’t have her, but now she does. This changed our lives forever.”

The man, with whom he was accused, died last year.

Grandma warns.


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