A patient is raped by another patient at a mental hospital in Phoenix


Pensacola, Fl

 Police said a female patient was raped by another patient at a mental health facility in Phoenix.

[Witness: Man arrested after raping a phoenix mental health facility patient]

Investigators say that 42-year-old Geoffrey Mullett attacked a woman in her 70s at the Haven Behavioral Psychiatric Hospital near 7th Avenue and Buckeye Road.

According to court papers, the officers’ employee told her that she was examining the patient when she found Mollet above the woman. When the employee asked Mollet to leave, he said he had “done nothing.” The victim, who was clearly injured, told police that she had asked Mollet to stop, but he did not.

Mollet was arrested and imprisoned for sexual assault, kidnapping and sexual assault. Court documents indicate that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and mania, and that he only stayed in hospital for one day.

The case strikes near the home of Jonathan Sorrentino, who says his husband is currently a patient at Haven’s behavioral psychiatric hospital. “Not surprisingly … one of my biggest complaints is the lack of staff.”

Sorrentino said he was already troubled by lax security conditions at the facility, and then discovered the alleged sexual assault. “I am really worried because apparently they are not taking anything seriously there. In fact, during the visit I was touched by another patient. They are not safe. It is an illusion of safety. There is no security.”

When the Arizona family went to the facility for a comment on Monday, a security guard was at the front desk asking visitors to check in. The Haven Psychiatric Hospital told the Arizona family on Monday that they will not comment or answer any questions.


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