A man raped a grandmother in front of her grandson in Memphis


Pensacola, Fl

For a little over a month, a policeman fled. Law enforcement officials said he raped a woman while her grandson slept next to her.

According to the Memphis Police Department, Larry de McGowan, 33, was arrested in a surveillance video in June walking naked in an apartment complex after he was accused of raping a resident.

McGowan was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of serious rape. The victim and witnesses in the case identified McGowan in a series of photographs.

According to the victim, McGowan broke into her home at 3,300 Steve Street while naked. He entered through the bedroom window while the woman was sleeping. Her grandson was sleeping next to her and her daughter and another person were sleeping in another room.

The victim said the man, who was later known as McGowan, kept his hand behind his back as if he was carrying a pistol. She said he threatened to shoot her if she screamed.

She said he raped her and while he was raping her, the little grandson woke up from sleep.

Then McGowan took the victim and the grandson into the room where the victim’s daughter and the other person were sleeping. He ordered the other two people to take off their clothes, but they refused.

After a heated exchange of words between the witnesses and McGowan, he fled the scene.

McGowan faced a judge. Judge Gerald Scahan raised his bond from $ 250,000 to $ 500,000.

“It really scares me, because I have three little grandchildren, and little girls playing in these apartments all the time,” said Dina Phillips.

On Thursday, neighbors were just receiving news of what had happened in the apartment complex. Residents of the area said that for their safety, they wished someone had informed them of the crimes earlier.

“If something like this happens here, someone should notify us,” Phillips said.

Phillips said the incident is now causing residents to worry about their safety.

Phillips said, “If a guy is walking around here naked, raping people, you don’t want to leave your kids outside.” “You don’t want to be outside.”

His appearance in court on Thursday was not the first time that McGowan had faced a judge.

Prosecutors told Judge Scahan that McGowan had a criminal history of drugs and domestic abuse. Then the judge lifted his bail and appointed him public attorney.

McGowan is scheduled to return to court


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