13-Year-Old Is Raped in Gang initiation rites


Pensacola, Fl

Police said a 13-year-old girl was raped with knives by at least nine people as part of a gang-initiation ritual at the instigation of a gang member, which helped others arrest the victim.

Nine men, ages 14 to 31, were caught with a 12-year-old girl gang member after the accident in an early trailer park.

Officers said the 12-year-old ordered a potential 14-year-old gang member to rape the young man as part of his plan. Police said the other gang members then raped the young man.

Detective Rudi Garcia said the victim was hit in the face several times and someone threatened to kill her with a knife. I was treated in the hospital and discharged.

Five men – Joseph Perez, 18; Frank Lomas, 31; Ersan Yurtman, 18 years old; Mike Terrazas, 17; And Rene Gomez, 23 – charged with grave sexual assault of a child as part of organized criminal activity and each jailed on $ 1.5 million bail.

Four boys between 14 and 16 years old and a girl of 12 years old have been handed over to juvenile authorities.

Police said they are also looking for two other minors who are believed to have participated.

The victim told the police that she went to a trailer park late to visit a friend, and when she got to the caravan there were many people there.

“This is clearly the hangout of a gang or three gangs that have pledged allegiance to one another,” Garcia said.


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