Cyclone Zeta kills 6 people and cuts off electricity for 2 million people


Pensacola, fl

At least 6 people were killed, and more than two million people were cut off electricity in the southeastern United States, after Hurricane Zeta hit the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and moved to the northeast.

The Louisiana Department of Health said the first confirmed death from a hurricane was a 55-year-old man in New Orleans, after he was electrocuted by a fall in a power line.

This was followed by the death of four people in Alabama and Georgia, as a result of falling trees on homes, and a 58-year-old man drowned in Mississippi, after being trapped by water while trying to photograph some of the hurricane scenes.

Hurricane Zeta blasted off the Caribbean as a tropical storm and turned into a devastating Category 2 hurricane in less than four days. He hit the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and marched across the Gulf of Mexico to hit the American coast late a day.

It is the fifth storm to hit Louisiana this year and the 27th storm this season. The aforementioned storms that have entered the Gulf of Mexico since June have caused frequent evacuations at sea and cut off the arrival of millions of barrels of oil and gas to the United States.


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