Philadelphia Police find a truck loaded with explosives and suspicious equipment


Pensacola, Fl

An investigation is underway in Philadelphia after police found explosives and other suspicious shipments inside a pickup truck in Logan Circle.

Action News learned that police had found propane tanks, flares, and potential dynamite sticks from the truck.

Bomb Squad is investigating. There is no information on who owns the truck or if anyone has been arrested.

The discovery comes as the city remains on high alert after nights of unrest caused by the murder of Walter Wallace, Jr., police.

During a virtual press conference, Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Daniel Ottlaw, discussed the latest developments related to the investigation, use of the police force, and the recent unrest in the city.

“As I said yesterday, this investigation contains many moving parts and we are working hard to ensure a fair and thorough investigation. We plan to release an audio record of 911 calls and Bodycam footage to layoffs in the near future,” the outlaw said.

City officials said at least 200 companies, many of them already struggling amid the pandemic, have been targets of mass looting across the city. To help the police, an unspecified number of Pennsylvania National Guard forces will soon arrive in the city.

Their role, first and foremost, will be to protect property and prevent looting,” said Mayor Jim Kenny.

Officials announced that what began as a peaceful protest of about 1,000 people in Malcolm X Park Tuesday night turned into intense violence against the police.

Police said stones and even blood were thrown at the officers.

23 officers were injured, raising questions about whether or not they were allowed to use pepper spray or tear gas when they were attacked.

“Officers still have discretion to use the OC (capsicum oleoresin, pepper spray) that they bring on them,” Outlaw said.

And as far as the use of tear gas is concerned on large groups, Outlaw said, “It’s clear that I’m making those decisions.”

The Police Syndicate has called for the release of police camera footage which they say will show Wallace Jr. failed to drop the knife as ordered repeatedly and instead lash out at the officers.

“We call on the city leadership to reveal the facts of this case. It’s not difficult, it’s cut and dry. Release what you have,” said the fraternal president of Police Forum 5, John McNesby.

The Outlaw Commissioner said they want the Wallace family to get the facts first.

“We will be meeting with family members of Mr. Wallace, to make sure they get the chance to view the material first,” Outlaw said.

Questions have been raised as to why at least 2,000 officers, including those involved in the shooting, were not equipped or trained in the use of electric detonators.

Current police funding only provides an additional 200 electrocution a year.

“It’s a question of resources,” Mayor Kenny said. “We can try to get grants and other things from other governments, but we have a lot of needs and less money.


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