Madonna was raped at the age of 19

Madonna photos by Richard Corman 1983 – hi-res

Pensacola, Fl

Madonna spoke about being raped when she was young in New York. At 19, she left her native Michigan and moved to Manhattan with $ 35. It was 1978 *. “At first I was in shock, I didn’t know a soul,” she told Stern. “I used to say hello to people on the streets like an idiot.” During that first year, Madonna’s apartment was split into three times, held at gunpoint, and raped with a knife.

A stranger sexually assaulted her after a chance encounter. She said, “I was going to a dance class and the door was locked and I needed money for the payphone.

A man who gave him to me … He was a very friendly man. She trusted everyone. ”He convinced her to make the call from his apartment across the street. When she went with him, he raped her.

When Stern and co-host Robin Quivers ask her if she has called the police or pressed charges, Madonna echoed the experience of several rape survivors: “It’s already violated. It’s not worth it. It’s so humiliating.”

This isn’t the first time Madonna has spoken of a sexual assault. In the 2013 “Daring” issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna wrote an article in which she admitted that New York “did not welcome me with open arms.” She recounted the many assaults that she was subjected to in her first year, and wrote that she was raped “on the roof of a building that was dragged with a knife in my back.”

It was revealed for the first time that she was raped in 1995, during an interview with a British music magazine. “Although it was devastating at the time, I know it made me a much stronger person in the past,” she said. “You forced me to be a survivor.


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