Lady Gaga was raped at the age of 19


Pensacola, Fl

Lady Gaga in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of her “Oprah Vision 2020: Your Life in Focus” tour, presented by Weight Watchers Reimagined.

The two icons talked for an hour, covering Gaga’s fibromyalgia (revealing that she was in “head-to-toe pain” during the conversation) and her relationship with co-star Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born) (totally platonic, but they “did a really good job at Fool everyone “).

But the main focus of the interview was mental health – and things got emotional when Gaga opened up about her “repeated” rape by someone she knew when she was 19. “I developed PTSD as a result of rape and also the trauma was not treated.

Gaga attributed her failure to deal with the abuse to the fact that her life was turned upside down when she became famous.

“I suddenly became a star and I was traveling the world going from a hotel room to a garage to a limousine to a theater, and I had never dealt with it, and then suddenly I started to feel this incredibly intense pain all over my body that mimics the illness I felt after I was raped.” .

RAINN (National Rape, Abuse and Incest Network), the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the United States, says working with a therapist after sexual assault can help survivors overcome some of the challenges they may face. However, the group also notes that there is “no timeline” for recovering from sexual assault or sexual assault, so if you don’t get treatment right away after you’ve experienced trauma, that doesn’t mean you won’t find it helpful at any time in the future.

Gaga first revealed her rape in 2014, and two years later, in December 2016, she announced her PTSD diagnosis during an appearance on Today. She also posted a message on the website of her founder, Born This Way, sharing more about her experience with PTSD and addressing the common misconception that the condition only affects veterans.

She writes, “Traditionally, many associate PTSD with a condition faced by brave men and women serving countries around the world. While this is true, I seek to raise awareness that this mental illness affects all types of people, including young adults.

The mental health of our youth remains at the forefront of Gaga’s mind. She believes there should be mental health classes in schools, and she has even pledged to do everything she can to make a difference.

 “Mental health is a medical condition. It should be treated as a medical condition, and it should not be ignored.” “I swear the oath is a commitment today, with you, it’s 2020 and over the next decade and maybe longer, I’ll bring the smartest scientists, doctors, psychiatrists, mathematicians, and surgeons The brain and the professors are in the same room together. We will review each problem one by one and solve this mental health crisis. “


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