A small dog and a woman are killed in a fire in a North Side apartment complex


Pensacola, Fl

 Officials confirmed that a woman was killed in a fire in a North Side apartment complex.

The San Antonio Fire Department responded to the fire just before 9:30 a.m. at Star Club Apartments along Starcrest Drive.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood met family members of the deceased as soon as he reached the scene. He noted that a small dog was also a victim of a fire.

President Hood said flames were going up to the second floor through all the windows as soon as the firefighters arrived. They called for “reset” the fire by placing a hose through the window and putting out the fire with water so that work crews could safely reach the apartment.

Chief Hood said, “Re-igniting a fire is a tactic we use when the heat and flame is so intense in a home or apartment that it is not safe to enter it.” “This prevented the fire from jumping to the second floor and may cause this apartment building to burn completely.”

Once the firefighters entered the apartment, they found a woman in her 60s in the hallway. Life-saving measures were implemented, but they were not successful. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

There was no word on the cause of the fire. An arson is called for investigation.

A woman who lives next to the burning apartment said that her son, who was learning from a distance, told her about the fire.

“He’s like my mom,” said Yashika. “I smell smoke.” “We left the house and the maintenance worker was as if you had to evacuate, you have to evacuate.”

Several housing units were damaged by smoke and water. The American Red Cross is on the scene to help the displaced.

No other injuries were reported to the firefighters or other residents.


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