A 7-year-old girl kills a school bus driver in a Megs County crash


Pensacola, Fl

 A 7-year-old student and bus driver were killed in a crash in Meggs County, according to Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Soldiers said the accident, which occurred on a school bus and utility vehicle, occurred along Highway 58 near Lamontville Road.

THP said 22 students were on the bus in question. Seven of these students were taken to hospital, where one of them was listed in critical condition.

“You never know in your wildest dreams when you walk out the door in the morning that you’re going to deal with something like this. It’s tough for me,” said Clint Baker, Megs County School Director, “I can only imagine what our families are feeling right now, it’s a tragedy.”

The names of the child and the dead driver were not immediately revealed.

The accident is still under investigation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Tennessee Commissioner of Education Benny Schwen issued the following statement regarding the accident:

“Me and all the employees of the Tennessee Department of Education are extremely sad to hear the news of a fatal bus crash in Meigs County earlier this afternoon. No words can express our sympathy for those lives that have been lost. We send our deepest condolences to the students, families, school staff and leaders. “The district staff and the entire Meigs County community affected by this tragic accident, and we wish a cure for all the injured. The department has communicated with district leaders and workers in Meigs County and the surrounding areas and is mobilizing to support this community in the safety response and services.”

The Blood Insurance Society sent a tweet asking for a blood donation after the accident.


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