Dog attacked a Detroit girl who entered the house and was injured when her father shot a dog


Pensacola, Fl

 Authorities are investigating a shooting after a child was bitten by an unknown dog on the East Side of Detroit.

The dog was killed by a bullet after a 2-year-old girl was bitten in a house shortly after 10 am in Building 10700 in Wayburn, near Whittier Ave and I-94. The girl was also wounded in the shooting.

Detroit Police say the child was bitten and that the father got a gun and shot the dog. Police said the bullet penetrated the dog and that one of those bullets hit the girl in the arm, causing more injuries.

Detroit Fire Deputy Commissioner Dave Fornell said the father then took the child to the nearby fire station, where she was then taken to the hospital.

Detroit Police Captain Jerry Johnson said, “Like any father, he looked forward to protecting the child. Period.” “Father is very emotional now.”

We were told that the baby was expected to be fine. She was bitten on her head, cheeks, and nose.

Police say the dog was not the family’s dog and there were no other dogs in the house at the time of the attack. We are told that someone opened the front door and ran the big bell in and started heading towards the girl.

We were also told that child protection services are investigating.


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