A woman was shot dead inside Iowa Chuck E Cheese


Pensacola, Fl

 Police there said a woman was shot dead inside the crowded Chuck E Cheese restaurant in Davenport.

The shooting occurred shortly after 7:30 pm. It was the second of two fatal shootings on Sunday in Davenport, the Quad City Times reported. Police said that a woman shot another woman inside the restaurant and then fled the scene.

The newspaper reported that the restaurant was full of families and children at the time of the shooting.

Officers arrived to find an unresponsive woman with gunshot wounds. The victim was taken to the district hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The police did not reveal her name and did not report any arrests in the case.

Police said the shooting came after the last one hours earlier, around 11 a.m. outside a house. Officers were called to the scene and found the body of La Fonte Lee Baker, 19, from Davenport, lying on the lawn. Police have not announced any arrests in that case


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