Use Publix Weekly Sales Ad to creatively save your family


Pensacola, fl

Publix weekly sales announcement is a great place to start building your list for the week and is available online for ease of use. Instead of scrolling through an endless list of items for sale, Publix flyers are made for browsing as if they were printed. As an added service, you can move items from the sales flyer to your printable grocery list with one or two clicks of the mouse.

Grocery flyers like Publix help many families save money on their grocery bill. When families plan what to eat in advance using what is on sale as a basis, they can cut their grocery budget by a quarter or more. This is money that goes back into the family’s pocket and can be used to pay a bill, store it for college, or even a fun activity.

To use your weekly Publix sales advertisement to its fullest potential, sit down with the flyer and coupons and start building your list of items for sale and have a coupon for it. Then add the sales items, since they tend to generate more savings than the coupon offers, and then add the coupon items if needed. If you don’t use all the coupons, that’s fine; They can be used at another time, and are most effective if you can wait for these items to appear in your weekly Publix sales ad.

Another way to save money with Publix’s weekly sales announcement is to plan multiple meals on the same starting plate. Let’s say Public Week says roast beef is for sale, so you buy one that’s larger than your family can eat in one meal. Then take the leftovers and chop them into thin slices for sandwiches with bread also on sale, or chop beef, add broth, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables and make a stew. Now, you have just achieved your savings Do double duty.

By following your weekly Publix sales advertisement, adding a few coupons and thinking creatively about what you can do with specific items to create two or more meals from one, you can reduce your grocery bill to a manageable size. Use your mind a lot and save your family money.


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