One dead and 3 wounded, after shooting a Miami duplex


Pensacola, Fl

One man was killed and three others, including a child, were taken to hospital after the shooting of a duplex apartment in Miami.

According to Miami City Police, ShotSpotter alerted them to a shooting near Northwest 18th Avenue and 50th Street at around 11:50 PM.

“These guns looked like a machine gun. It went on over and over again,” her neighbor Vivien Mack said.

Police said they found four victims when they arrived at the scene. Two men were injured, and a child was shot.

The fourth victim, a man in his twenties, was announced dead at the scene.

News cameras captured several bullet holes outside the duplex. Inside, a bullet hit the TV screen.

“This is our new front.” “They shot at the front,” said one of the residents.

Police said the three injured victims have been taken to the Rider Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital and are expected to be well.

“The baby will be fine,” said Kenya Flat, Miami City Police’s information officer. “I have just been nursed.” Unfortunately, a 21-year-old man died inside the house. The other two are in stable condition. “

Mac said she saw some victims.

She said, “I looked down, and there was a corpse there.” “I pray that the child is well, and the man I saw is dead, he is small. It hurts a lot because I have six children, so it hurts me so much.”

Mac added that the shooting in this neighborhood is not new.

This is not the first time this has happened. She said, “It’s all the time, and it has to stop.”

 A woman said her 78-year-old father lives in the house. She said she was just sick and tired of the violence.

“This is not the first time this has happened,” she said. “It’s my father’s place, and it should have been the right place. That should stop.”

A video clip on the mobile phone showed one of the residents shortly after returning to her unit.

She said, “I am afraid, but I thank God for Jesus, for he does not give me the spirit of fear.”

 News cameras filmed crime scene investigators looking for evidence and towing two vehicles away.

Police said they had no motives or suspicious information at this time.

“Fortunately, this kid will be fine,” Flat said. “But we know someone has information, and if you have a heart, pick up that phone and call us the information.


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