Dead man after a fight shoots a party store in Pontiac


Pensacola, Fl

Authorities are investigating a fight that led to a fatal shooting at a Pontiac party store.

The shooting occurred shortly before 11 pm. At the Huron Liquor Store at 140 East Huron Street. A 34-year-old man was shot dead and a 26-year-old man is now in detention.

The Oakland County Police Department said they were called into the store after someone was shot. They found a man lying in the hallway of the store, who had been shot by two bullets. The man was taken to hospital and died on Friday morning.

After reviewing the surveillance video, authorities learned that the suspect was pushing in the store when the victim entered and began punching him repeatedly. The two started to fight.

Authorities say the fight then emerged from the frame of the camera, and that the suspect was eventually seen paying for his belongings and leaving the store.

Then, later that night, a woman called 911 and said that her son had been attacked at the store and that he had shot the person who attacked him. The deputies went to the house and detained the suspect, who we were told had a valid CPL.

An investigation is still under investigation as it is determined whether the shooting was in self-defense.


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