The 16-year-old was shot in front of the city crime camera in Baltimore


Pensacola, Fl

In West Baltimore, children have been dumped. One of them injured a 12-year-old boy, and a larger number killed a 16-year-old boy whom his friends identified as Jaheim Atkins, and was found dead on the street.

The murder was broadcast in broad daylight to a continuously flashing blue light, the city crime camera.

“Often times, a lot of them don’t work,” said criminal defense attorney Warren Brown.

Brown says he has seen many of his cases go up and down on video quality from the cameras, some of the images obtained are good but a lot of them just don’t fall short.

“I would describe the quality of their case, the clarity of their condition as as poor as the CCTV in the city,” Brown said.

Tell Baltimore Police that there are 850 cameras across town, we asked how many cameras did they work? They confirmed that around 8 percent were likely not working, but they said that frequent number changes depend on a number of variables including blackouts, accidents that wipe out cameras and cut fibers.

 There was anger, as Mark Cannon said his nephew was killed under a non-working camera.

Cannon said, “How can you have a camera there to film what was happening and not working, it’s yet another failure in Baltimore City.”

Meanwhile, back in Poplar Grove, it’s a bloody stretch of street, 1.5 miles long, with 3 murders and 86 murders.

That’s one for every 92 feet.

We also asked the police how many cases were resolved based on surveillance on that street. We are waiting for a response. What he knows, Brown says, is that even a watchful eye of the city does not appear to be a deterrent.

“The consequences don’t scare them, they don’t stop and say let me not do that here because of the camera, let me catch it another day, somewhere else somewhere else. They’re acting instinctively.”


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