Neighbors raped three girls


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Three teenage girls have been raped by their neighbors in Savar, Narayanganj and Mymensingh in India and a 65-year-old retired sergeant has been arrested for raping a woman during the past nine months in Nowakale.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Gobo party, Mujibur Rahman Sharif, accused of raping a woman and filming the scene in Nowakale, was arrested and expelled from the party.

Police in Savar said that a 12-year-old girl was raped by her neighbor, Mizan al-Rahman.

Saif al-Islam, an inspector (investigation) at the Safar Model Police Station, said that the victim went out of the house early in the morning. On her way, Mizanor took her and locked her in a rented apartment in the area and raped her.

Yesterday morning, the victim’s father filed a lawsuit against Mizanor and the son of the owner of the rented apartment, Sharif Islam. The police official said Sharif was charged with aiding Mizanor.

Police were unable to arrest any of the duo until yesterday evening.

Police in Narayanganj said that an 11-year-old girl was raped by her neighbor in the district of Shidehirganj.

The victim knew 19-year-old defendant Nasser. He took her to a secluded place and raped her. Qamar al-Islam, the officer in charge of the Scheidhirganj police station, said that two of Nasir’s friends helped him rape.

He said that the victim’s mother had filed a case against four, three of them minors, adding that all the accused were arrested and brought before the court with pre-trial detention for a period of five days for each of them.

In Mymensingh, Rapid Action Battalion (Rap 14) arrested rape suspect Zakaria, 20, in the Sadar Upazila district.

Junaid Fard, the chief assistant to the police inspector currently assigned to Rabb 14, said that Zakaria administered a sedative to the 17-year-old and then raped her.

In Nouakale, Gobo League leader Mujibur Rahman Sharif, accused of raping a woman and filming the scene, was expelled from the party after his arrest.

The coordinator of the Chatkil Upazila unit, Muhammed Allah Batori, and the joint organizer of the same unit, Sajjad Hussain, announced the expulsion through a press release.

Early on, Sheriff forcibly entered the victim’s room and raped her with knives and filmed the scene. The 29-year-old is the wife of a Saudi expatriate and mother of two children.

Sharif was the head of the Nakhula League unit under the same upazila. Police said he was charged in eight criminal cases.

The police, who were escorting Sharif, raided various locations in the area and confiscated a pistol, bullets, five beer cans, a laptop and condoms.

Then he appeared in court with a total of 20 days of remand prayer in three cases. Of these, the first case was filed for alleged rape, the second was for pornography and the third was for possession of illegal firearms.

In Begumjang Upazila district, police have arrested Sarajul Islam, 65, a retired sergeant, and his son Mahboub, 35, following a rape case brought by a woman.

In this case, the woman stated that the lamp of Islam promised her to find work and marry her. This was later denied. His son Mahboub threatened her and took her signature on a blank piece of paper and forced Sarajol to marry her.


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