An 11-year-old boy died from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident


Pensacola, Florida

Coltan Ward Destin, 11, died of his wounds sustained on Saturday when he was hit by a car.

Coltan has been fighting for his life for the past several days at the Ascension Sacred Heart in Pensacola.

His mother Asher said, in a post on social media on evening, that Coltan died at 11:41 in the morning.

“While this is not the miracle we are praying for, it is a miracle !!” The post reads. “This little boy changed the world !! He united a society !!”

The accident happened in Destin at the intersection of Kelly and Main Streets. I hit Kohltan’s car while riding his bike with a friend.

Since then, the Northwest Florida community has held multiple prayer vigils and has shown tremendous support for Coltan in his attempt to recover.

Coltan has undergone numerous surgeries for a fractured skull.

Asher Ward says that Coltan’s organs will now be donated.

“Families who are desperate for a miracle will get one because of Kohlan !!” she writes.

Coltan has survived his mother Asher, father Caleb, and three siblings – a 6-year-old brother, a 4-year-old sister, and a 7-week-old younger brother.


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