A man dies after driving an alleged stolen car in a detention pool in HURON TOWNSHIP


Pensacola, Fl

 A man is killed after he drove a stolen car to a storage pond on the Wayne County Railroad.

It happened at CSX Railyard on Pennsylvania Road near I-275 around 4 a.m.

According to CSX, several people encroached on the Rileyard and attempted to steal six new cars. Three cars were recovered.

Huron and Romulus Police Departments responded to the thefts. Huron Town Police Department says one of the drivers lost control of the car and hit a pond.

“Kinda to me really not surprising. As I said, you see them racing up and down here sometimes, the theft part might be a bit surprising. But with the speed they drove here and the stunts, a guy who lives next door called George Papas said,” I saw them pull some of these cars, and it’s over Their command in the pool does not surprise me. “

According to police, cars are usually parked in a safe place waiting to be charged.

“It’s hard to be around all these new cars and maybe I don’t think, maybe I should have one at some point or something like that,” Papas said.

This summer, a Dearborn man who was working as a contractor in Rilliard was charged with stealing nearly 2,000 top-key switches for new cars on Rileyyard waiting to be shipped across the country.

As for the man who drove his car to the pool, it is now unclear exactly how the man died.

CSX Police are investigating thefts.


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