2 children and 2 adults were injured in the related shooting overnight


Pensacola, Fl

Two children and two adults in the hospital the following morning multiple shooting overnight.

All of the shooting happened at Whitehaven.

According to Memphis police, 16-year-old Stacy was killed on a drive around 1:15 am

He was taken to LeBonheur in a non-critical condition.

She is caring for a 9-year-old with a shot just after 3:00 on Meadowlark Lane, according to police.

The child was injured while running at home.

This baby was taken to LeBonheur and you are expected to be fine.

A man and a woman were also shot and taken to one district, according to police.

He shot a man at a Valero gas station at a Shelby Drive and Hodge Road.

The woman was shot in Charlotte Road and West Mitchell Road.

Police say all four shootings are related.

Women and men are expected to be fine.

An argument on social media between two women is reported to have led to violence, according to police.No information is available at this time on any of the suspects, but the police said they are in talks with several people in connection with the shooting


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