Fresno police kill parole in the second shooting in two days


Pensacola, Fl

 Authorities said Northern California police officers shot and killed a 32-year-old cop after he ignored repeated requests from police to drop a loaded rifle.

The Fresno B newspaper reported that six Fresno Police Department officers shot the man at night. It was not clear how many bullets hit him, or if the policeman fired his weapon.

The meeting began with a report around 9:30 pm that a man was trying to hijack a black Mercedes; Fresno Vice President Pat Farmer said the driver managed to get away and called the police.

Farmer said that the suspect somehow took a gun from one of the residents and started walking down the street. Farmer said he broke a house window and got into an unlocked car, but then got off. Police say he broke into another car but fled moments later to a backyard, where he covered himself with what appeared to be either a blanket or a piece of cloth.

The suspect appeared unperturbed by the officers shooting bullets and beanbags at him, and it is not clear if the bullets struck him.

Farmer said the suspect tried to storm a police car but surrendered. He said the officers begged the man to drop the gun, but he refused. Officers opened fire on the man and he was pronounced dead in hospital.

The suspect, who was later identified by the police as Gregory Putnik, had multiple arrest warrants from different states, and was listed as a dangerous and armed criminal. He has also been listed as loose parole outside Springfield, Illinois, with a fundamental assault violation of a police officer.

This is the second shooting incident among Fresno police in two days.

Four officers shot Miguel Carranza, 22, after he failed to heed warnings by throwing a kitchen knife. Carranza said he killed his mother during a phone call to 911 in which he also said he had suicidal tendencies. He is expected to live.


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