A mother of four was murdered by a group of dogs in Walker County

Ruthie Brown https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1944593465570746&set=pb.100000603336180.-2207520000..&type=3&theater Credit: Facebook

Pensacola, Fl

People who live on Jagger Road in Nauvoo are watching their surroundings now, more than ever after Ruthie Brown – a mother of four – is attacked by a group of dogs.

“It’s all got us nervous right now,” said Robin Johnson.

People who have lived in the area for years say they do not believe Browns are from the area and know about the herd of dogs that roam the neighborhood.

Johnson says she often sees dogs hanging near railroad tracks near Johnson and Jagger Road.

She said, “It’s really scary, I’ve seen them attack a deer.”

They called her once.

“I actually had a stick in my hand that knew the name of the owner and I would call it the owner and they would back off,” Johnson said, “They are really aggressive dogs. They were very aggressive. If I hadn’t, I knew the name of the owner that might have happened to me.”

“I’ve seen a dog bite, and I’ve seen a dog attack, but I’ve never seen a terrible situation like this,” said Walker County Sheriff’s office, Pew TJ Armstrong.

Armstrong says, according to one witness, there were about seven or eight dogs. He says they caught four or five dogs.

Owner says he claimed two of them.

They’ve all been turned over to the Walker County Humanitarian Society.

Armstrong says the county does not have a driving law.

Neighbors say they want more enforcement for dog owners.

Her neighbor Joan Walker said, “I’m a believer in keeping them alert, if you’re going to put them in the yard and they’re fixing your yard where they can’t get out.”

Brown’s body was sent to the Alabama Forensic Department in Huntsville.

Armstrong says that once the cause of death is determined it will be handed over to the attorney general’s office who will decide whether the owner will face charges.

Witnesses said that seven or eight dogs attacked Brown as she was walking down the street.

The Walker County Police Office said they caught four or five of the dogs. The owner claimed two of them. The dogs were handed over to the Walker County Humane Society.

Brown’s body was transferred to the forensic department in Huntsville.

Once the cause of death is confirmed, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office said the DA will determine if there are any charges against the owners.

The Walker County Sheriff’s office said there is no law enforcement in Walker County.

Her family told ABC 33/40 that she is a mother of four. All boys.

The Walker County Sheriff’s office is investigating after they say a woman was killed by a group of dogs.

The attack took place at Nauvoo on Jagger Road. Police said the victim was an adult woman but had not been identified.

The sheriff’s office said some of the dogs were captured.


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