A man dies after an officer is shot in new jersey


Pensacola, Fl

The coroner’s office said the suspect involved in the shooting of the officer had died.

It started with a traffic stop and ended with an exchange of fire between the officer and the suspect at Elmwood Place, according to the police chief.

At around 1:30 p.m., Elmwood Police Chief, Eric Bartlett, said the officer tried to stop a car. The reason for the officer’s attempt to stop the man has not been released.

The shooting stopped after the car stopped around 1:45 pm. In the area of ​​Highland Street and Linden Street.

President Bartlett explained that the suspect was shot during the exchange of fire.

The man was taken to hospital where he later died.

The officer, who had been working for the Elmwood Police Department for 18 months, was not injured, according to the chief of police.

Authorities said during a press conference that the officer was not wearing a body camera and the police cruiser did not have a video either.

President Bartlett said it was unclear at this time how many shots were fired.

Bobby, who said he witnessed the shooting, claimed to have heard at least 10 gunshots.

Bobby said, “The police come, and they end up shooting the shooter, and someone dies. There’s a lot going on today. Lots of kids here. Thank God it’s school hours now. Thank God. Boy, kids play here. There’s literally a park over there.” Like, thank God. “

Anyone else who witnessed the shooting is required to contact the police.

No Cincinnati police officers or Hamilton County Sheriffs were involved.

The sheriff’s office handles the investigation.

President Bartlett said during the press conference: “We are kind of in the preliminary stage of the investigation and have called the mayor’s office to help us and that is as far as we know at this stage.”


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