50 years in prison for a mother killed her child and left his body at a forest in Florida


Pensacola, fl

A Florida court has sentenced a woman to 50 years in prison who had alleged that a stranger had kidnapped her two-year-old son before admitting that she had beaten him and left him in the woods to die.

Initially, Charisse Dina Stinson (23 years old) claimed in her statement to the police that she was with her son Jordan Bellevue outside when she got in the car of a man named “Antoine”, so he punched her in the face and lost consciousness. She claimed that Jordan and the man disappeared when I woke up hours later in a nearby forest.

But her young son’s body was found in several inches of water and partially covered in the woods in Largo, and the coroner revealed that Jordan died of severe trauma to his head, with a fractured skull, broken leg and wounds to his body.

She had been sentenced to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to a second-degree murder and filing a false report to law enforcement authorities.

Stinson told investigators that, in a moment of frustration, she hit the child, causing his head to hit the wall, and as his health deteriorated, she took him to a wooded area during the night and left the body there.


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