The death of a child from a pregnant woman who was murdered in Geoffrey Manor


Pensacola, Fl

The family of a pregnant woman was shot dead outside her home in Geoffrey Manor last week in now mourning for another loss. Stacy Jones’ son, who was born prematurely after her murder, passed away this weekend. Baby Harrison was only four days old.

Neighbors say that the building where the probation officer was found with gunshots in the back does not usually see this type of violence. They mourn the loss.

“She’s gone, her baby is gone and she has two children without a mother. This must stop in Chicago. It must stop!” Said Elliot Cobb, the neighbor.

Elliott Cope lives in the building. The shooting was heard early Tuesday, but remained low.

There is no regard for life, no respect for anyone. There is no consideration for themselves or their well-being. A neighbor who asked not to be identified said, “It is the world in which we live but you must protect yourself at all times.”

The police focus their attention on the people known to the victim. A man was taken for questioning, but was later released without charge.

“I’m sorry for the family.” The unknown neighbor said, “I pray to you all, and keep you all in my prayers as I said before, you know, it’s sad.”

Jones was originally from Tennessee and hadn’t lived at 95 for long. She left two school-aged boys behind.

“She was always nice to hang around with the kids. The kids loved to let go of my dog ​​and he was still a puppy and still learning his ways, but she seemed like a very nice person,” Cobb said.

Chicago police continue to search for the killer.


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