A child dies approximately two days after a passing car shooting injured many in Mesa

A close-up photo of police lights by night

Pensacola, Fl

Mesa Police said six people were injured and a child died in “foolish and sinister” shooting while having dinner with their families.

After fighting for his life, police say a one-year-old boy died of his gunshot wounds.

Investigators say officers responded to a bona fide car park near Guadalupe and Dobson at 9:30 pm. On Friday, I found that several people were shot.

Three of the victims are adults and four children, ages one, six, nine and sixteen. All children are related to each other.

At the time of the shooting, people were gathering around some food trucks in the area for dinner. Everyone shot was either food vendors or agents.

Witnesses say a white or silver Kia Soul – or a similar box-type SUV – was driving down Guadalupe Road when it stopped in the middle of the street and started shooting at food trucks.

Police say a food seller started shooting at the suspect’s car, which fled west in Guadalupe. It is not known if the suspect’s car was hit.

The gunfire, which injured several people, also hit the canopies of food trucks and cooking equipment and the walls of nearby shops.

At a Saturday afternoon press conference, Mesa Police Chief Ken Coast said there had been an altercation hours earlier in the parking lot between a man and a woman. An employee in a food truck broke a fight. It is not known if firing and melee are related.

“It’s sad and it’s a tragic day,” said Ken Coast, Mesa Police Chief. “Help us get justice for these family members who shot their children.”

John Giles, Mayor of Mesa, issued a statement about the shooting saying, “Please join me in praying for the families and victims of the shooting last night. Our city will use all resources to bring those responsible to justice.”


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