Escambia County firefighters help families who have lost everything in Forest Creek Apartments


Pensacola, Fl

The Pensacola families, who lost everything in last weekend’s fire, are getting the help they need.

Fares did not do what they were going to do or where to go.

Fares said, “I do not wish this to my worst enemies.” “It was difficult. If this happens to my infection, I will contact him.”

Since the reports were filed, assistance from the Red Cross, Bailey Preparatory School, and professional firefighters in Escambia County has helped keep this family alive.

Faris said, “The fireman called me.” “He wanted to extend a helping hand and give us something to show us that he cared, and it wasn’t just his job. It smashed me and made me happy because they were looking for me.”

The Firefighters’ Charitable Society began in 2000 to help families after a tragedy. The Fund also helps the families of the injured firefighters.

“We spend a lot of time with families directly when they lose everything immediately,” said Nick Gradia, chief professional firefighter in the Province of Escambia. “We understand the difficulties, and we see the looks on the faces of the parents for what I am going to do? How will I put the clothes on the backs of my children? We try to intervene and provide some help and help wherever we can.”

While Fares is grateful for the help from the community, she still wants to hold the owner of her apartment complex to account for not fixing the faulty electrical outlet that started the fire. She says she has reported this for maintenance multiple times.

Forest Creek management put her family in a different unit on the complex, but Farris says this apartment also has multiple issues.

“My children’s clothes, shoes, and toys are gone,” Fares said. “I appreciate the help from everyone, but I feel bad because the apartment owners should really pay.”


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