Cruise ship rescues 24 people from boat off the coast of Florida


Pensacola, Fl

The Carnival Cruise Line has rescued twenty people, including two children, from sinking a boat 37 miles (about 60 kilometers) off the coast of Florida.

It was not immediately clear why the smaller boat was disturbed, but its passengers were taken aboard the Carnival Sensation as the boat began absorbing water. They were provided with life jackets, food, water and blankets.

The Miami Herald said the passengers were later taken to the US Coast Guard.

Cruise officials said the ship was in international waters 37 miles off the coast of Palm Beach when it reached the faltering boat, whose passengers were of different nationalities. They were evaluated and removed from the crew.

The Carnival cruise ships weren’t in service yet and didn’t have guests on board when it came to helping the smaller boat.


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