The 3 Best Trout Fishing Rods


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If you are going to fish for trout using a quality fishing rod is of the utmost importance and in this article I will list the 3 best trout rods so that you can choose the one that best suited for you, your favorite style of trout fishing. Contrary to popular belief a quality trout rod does not have to be extremely expensive and as you will find out can often be much more affordable than you might have imagined.

As a person who has been fishing for trout for more than two decades and used a myriad of different fishing rods in that time, I know from experience how important a serviceable fishing rod is to experiencing consistent success of the water, and all of the following rods fit the bill as serviceable, quality trout fishing rods. If you are a person who fishes for trout more than a couple of times a year it is also a good idea to have two fishing rods available to use for different water conditions and fishing scenarios such as; high or low river conditions, making longer distance casts, or emergencies when a fishing rod becomes unusable for some reason.

In any case, I know from personal experience having used all of these rods that all these 3 options are among the best that can be had when it comes to fishing for trout.

Eagle Claw Featherlight Rods – These rods are one of the best-selling ultralight and light-action rods on the market. These extremely sensitive, polyester fiberglass spinning rods give you the feel of some higher-priced rods at a fraction of the cost. Amazingly the price tag on these very popular trout fishing rods is extremely low, ranging in price from $25-$35 depending on length. For the money the featherlight is unquestionably one of the 3 best fishing rods for spin fishermen.

Falcon Ultralight Rods – Although these rods are marketed as a great “pan fish” rod, they also make excellent choice for trout fishing. Before a Falcon rod leaves the factory, it undergoes numerous quality control inspections to ensure it holds up for you, retrieve after retrieve and will last for many trout seasons. They are a bit more moderately priced, ranging from $70-$80.

St Croix Premier Spinning Rods – The final rod is by far the highest quality rod, which as can be expected also means that it’s the most expensive. If you are a serious trout fisherman, such as myself, the extra few dollars that are invested on a fishing rod such as the St Croix Premier is worth every single penny. Recently, St. Croix has redesigned its popular Premier spinning rods in a successful attempt to make an already great choice even better, making this rod arguably the best trout fishing rod on the market today. These rods range in price from $90-$120, which may seem a bit expensive, but as I said are worth every penny, as you will find out if you ever get the opportunity to use one on the water.

The bottom line is that the 3 aforementioned trout rods are the best 3 options available for anyone who is serious about the act of fishing for trout. And as you no doubt read, it is not at all necessary to “break the bank” when it comes to purchasing a quality trout rod.


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