How to Choose a Small Fishing Boat


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In this article I’m going to provide you with information on how to choose a small fishing boat. Small fishing boats can be a great choice for the cost conscious angler who wants to fish from a boat, but doesn’t have a ton of extra money lying around. These tips will provide you with some of the more popular and effective boats on the market.

All of the boats listed below are inflatable. Many people think the word “inflatable” as a swear word. This is mainly because when they think of an inflatable boat, they think of a children’s play toy. The truth is that inflatable boats have come a long way and are completely different that the small boats that are used in pools. Inflatable boats make an amazingly versatile and convenient fishing boat that cost a fraction of what traditional boats cost.

Below are some of the best of these types of boats on the market. Any of these choices will make a great small fishing boat choice for any angler.

Mini Pontoon Boats – These fishing boats fit from one to four anglers and consist of two inflatable pontoons with a seat or seats in between them.. Some mini pontoon boats even have a platform in between the pontoons for standing. One person pontoon boats have been used by fly fishermen for many years, but are now being used by traditional anglers as well. These boats are extremely maneuverable and are great for river fishing.

Canoes & Kayaks – Inflatable canoes and kayaks are readily available and make a great small fishing boat. Inflatable canoes and kayaks can be carried in the trunk of your car and inflated at your favorite fishing spot, which makes them incredibly convenient. Then when you’re on the water they are very maneuverable and provide access to tons of un-fished water. These boats can be used in rivers, ponds, and small lakes and are the most affordable of all the small fishing boats.

FoldCat Fishing Boats – FoldCat inflatable boats are probably the most versatile of all the choices in this article. Fold Cats are also pontoon boats, but are a bit larger than the “minis”. FoldCat fishing boats are maneuvered with a pair of long oars or a small outboard motor, and are certainly a great choice if you’re in the market for a small fishing boat. These boats can be used in rivers, ponds, and lakes of all sizes, and can also be carried in the trunk of a car. If you want a small fishing boat the FoldCat is a great choice.

The most important thing to remember with all of these small fishing boat choices is to make your purchase from a quality manufacturer. A quality manufacturer will stand behind their products with things like trial periods, guarantees, and/or free or discounted shipping charges. Buy from a quality manufacturer and your small fishing boat will last for many years, making you a happy fisherman.


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