Fishing Poles and Fishing Reels


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People who are familiar with the recreational game of fishing should know how to use fishing poles and fishing reels to catch fish. Fishing pole is a rod with a hook on the one end. A bait or lure can be attached with the hook to attract the fish species. This sport is commonly known as angling. So, fishing poles are an anglers weapon. Fishing reels are an added component to this weapon to improve its effectiveness. Reels are mechanical devices with a spool and a handle, which can be rotated.

There are various kinds of fishing poles. Carbon fiber poles are mainly used in Europe. As the name indicates these are made of carbon fiber. These are quite costly too. These poles are available in various lengths, from 3 to 18 meter. The advantage of these poles is that using these one can place the bait in exactly where one wants. Another kind of fishing pole is fly poles or fly rods. These are very thin and flexible. These are normally used with an artificial-bait. The design and size of these poles vary depending on the type of fish to be caught. Another kind of fishing pole used along with fishing reels is sea rod.

These are used to catch bigger sized from the ocean. These are large and heavy. These can be attached to a boat.

But the most popular kind of fishing pole on which fishing reels are attached is spin casting and bait casting poles. These are specially designed to carry a fishing reel. These poles provide a trigger option that can be controlled by the forefinger. Spinning poles and reels work in a different way than the other normal poles. The reels attached to these stay under the rod than staying on top. The rods are made using graphite or fiberglass and these are extremely durable.

The other kinds of poles used in fishing are ultra-light rods, ice fishing rods, trolling rods, surf rods, and telescopic rods. A majority of fishing pole manufacturers provide several specifications so as to help the users aware of various functionalities of the poles. The common specifications used to distinguish between various kinds of fishing rods are power, action, line weight, weight of the lure or bait that can be attached to the pole, and number of pieces that can be attached.

For the sport of fishing, there are certain techniques for using the combination of fishing poles and fishing reels for a good catch. These techniques depend on the type of pole and reel used. The specifications of poles and reels vary according to the size and nature of fish to be caught. But as a general rule, one can say that a combination of medium sized spinning pole and a good reel is an effective tool for capturing a number of kinds of fish.


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