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Fishing is an ideal activity. There’s nothing better than spending time on the water with a line in your hand. For many, fishing is THE recreational getaway for the whole family. Others like to go fishing with the guys or with other couples. Whatever your angling style, if you spend all your free time fishing, eventually you are going to think about buying a fishing boat.

There is a huge variety of choices in boats designed especially for fishing, so it’s a good idea to spend a little time doing some research. First you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions about your perfect fishing boat. If you are looking for freshwater fishing, in rivers, lakes and streams, then forget about the fancy, more expensive boats and think about an aluminum or fiberglass fishing boat, a runabout or walleye, or even a canoe.

If ocean fishing is your thing, then you are looking for a saltwater boat. Your first consideration is whether you like fishing inshore or offshore. If you are an inshore fisherman, then your choices are a bit less expensive, as a 25 foot boat should work well for you. However, if you wish to pursue deep sea monsters, then you will need to spend money for a fishing boat that is designed to withstand much more pounding from Mother Nature.

Freshwater Fishing Boats

Bass Boats

The bass boat is a specialized design especially for bass fishermen. Bass boats are fast and low to the water. They usually have casting platforms in the bow and stern, and come with trolling motors. Because of their sleek, specialized design, you can expect a new or used bass boat to be a little more expensive.


With aluminum or fiberglass, or more rarely wooden, hulls, a small fishing boat, like a runabout or bow rider, is the perfect way to get out on a lake or river for a day’s fishing. These small fishing boats usually have either an inboard or an outboard motor, and are between fifteen and thirty feet. They do not have cabins or amenities, these lightweight boats are meant to get you out to the center of the pond with your rod and reel, and to bring your catch back to shore.


If you are a solitary fisher, and don’t like the noise and pollution of gas motors to ruin your fishing experience, or if your favorite lake doesn’t allow them, then a canoe might be the ideal fishing boat for you. A canoe is easy to transport, it usually doesn’t require a trailer, and easy to put in from almost any spot. A swift, silent canoe is the perfect way to find that special, secluded fishing hole that nobody knows about but you. A canoe is ideal for fishing with one or two other people like your kids or your sweetheart.

Float Tubes

A canoe is much cheaper than a runabout, but if the cheapest way to get out on the river is your goal, then consider a float tube. You heard right, a float tube is now a popular fishing vessel. There are two different styles. A traditional tube is round with an opening in the middle. There is also a pontoon tube which is v-shaped. This shape makes it much easier to maneuver, and these updated float tubes have storage space and a seat, and they can even come with oars or come in a two-person style.

Saltwater Fishing Boats

If saltwater fishing is what you love then you will need a larger, sturdier boat to sail over the ocean waves.

Inshore Boats

If you like to fish in inshore saltwater areas for something like tarpin or redfish, then you will be fishing in shallower areas. This means that you will need a shallow draft boat, one that floats higher in the water, such as a flat boat or bay boat. These offshore day runners are generally under twenty-five feet in length, and will be lightweight fiberglass or aluminum with an outboard motor. They feature lots of deck space for casting and plenty of storage for fishing equipment.

Offshore Boats

If deep sea fishing is your passion, then you will need a heavy duty fishing boat designed to withstand the elements. These vessels are going to be more expensive because of the increased safety features and size. Often they have a cabin and dual, powerful outboard or inboard motors. An offshore fishing boat can be a luxury boat because they often come with high-end features like fishing machines or plush salons.


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