Boats, Deep Sea Fishing


You have decided to build a boat to go deep sea fishing. You have studied all the options and reckon deep sea fishing will give you the most fun. And fun it can be once you have learned all the tips and tricks to make sure you get amongst the fish. After all it is not much good going to all that trouble to build our boat and then come home with no fish. Bit hard to justify all that expense if we don’t even bring home the family a feed of fish.

So how do we find these fish in that big ocean. I suppose we could just follow some other boats about especially if they look experienced at it but maybe they won’t be impressed if you do that. Instead we are going to find our own fish. If there sea birds feeding on small bait fish it probably means that there are larger fish underneath feeding too. If you are after snooks they are usually to be found near rocks or posts or reefs. Just watch out for snags fishing in these areas. If you are after stripers especially during the full moon, use soft crab imitations for bait. Crabs shed their shells during a full moon and this is when the striper is feeding on them. If you want tuna you will usually find them hanging around with dolphins. So if you see dolphins there are probably yellowfin in the area too. Find a big reef and you will usually find some big fish. They like to hang around reefs and feed on smaller fish in the area.

So you see it can be relatively easy with a few basic tips to get to where the big fish are. Once you are in a good spot drop the anchor and just sit there and enjoy. Settle back and soak up the sunshine, crack open a cold drink or two and listen to the game on your radio. What a life. If you have someone with you who has trouble with sea sickness now is going to be a problem. Just sitting still in the water and the boat rocking up and down will set the sea sickness off and he can be very ill. The best thing for him is to stay up on deck and concentrate on the horizon. Keep him away from the fumes of the motor or fuel or that will only make him worse. If his sickness becomes really bad you will have to head for home. There is nothing worse than that feeling and you must get him off the boat. Next time make sure he takes motion sickness tablets before you set sail. He probably won’t get another invite if you have to head home just as the fish are starting to bite.


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