A 70-year-old Pensacola woman shot a man 6 times after he denied advancing


Pensacola, Fl

A woman was arrested and charged with attempted murder Friday morning for the Pensacola shooting.

The shooting took place around 7:30 pm. At 5300 blocks from Lilian Highway. A man was taken to hospital with six bullets.

Yagonda Grace Buschbaum, 70, is now charged with attempted murder. She is being held in Escampia County Jail without bond.

According to the arrest report, the shooting was related to an accident that occurred three days earlier.

Buschbaum said the man tried to sexually assault her. But MPs say this cannot be proven.

The report states that the man said Bushbaum tried to kiss him three days earlier, but denied her introductions. He said she did other sexual acts towards him since he moved to a neighboring apartment, but he always denied.

According to the report, the man has been staying at his friend’s house across town since a tree fell on his apartment during Hurricane Sally. When he got home on September 25 to inspect his possessions, Buschbaum told him to stop for a while – and he made a commitment.

The man said that when he followed her to the back door and then walked away, Pushbaum shot him six times while begging her to stop, according to the report. The man said he did not know why he was shot, but that he believed she was mentally ill.


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