4 men rape of a 9-year-old girl


Pensacola, fl

4 men were brought before a court in Utah, accused of being involved in the presumed rape of a nine-year-old girl, when her mother was using drugs and took the girl to hospital and placed under government custody.

4 men appeared for the first time before a court in Utah, western USA, on charges of involvement in the supposed rape of a nine-year-old girl, when her mother smoked the drug methamphetamine.

The defendants face the possibility of life imprisonment, and they are automatically arrested and prosecuted, especially for rape.

 In a statement, the local official’s office in Yuntah County indicated that the rape occurred when the mother was visiting friends in the small town of Vernal. She went to the garage smoking drugs while her daughter was sleeping on the sofa.

Court documents indicated that these men were staying temporarily in this house, and took turns raping the child before returning her to the sofa and threatening her with death if the matter was exposed.

The mother stated that upon leaving the garage, she found her daughter in a state of “confusion” with her dress “raised above her waist.”

The next day, her daughter told her about the assault and called the police.

The authorities indicated that the girl was taken to hospital and placed under the custody of the government.

The four presumed assailants made no comment on whether or not they plead guilty. His hearing will be set to determine whether they can be released on bail.


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