1-year-old child dies, 9-year-old sister is seriously injured in a collision and fled in Indianapolis


Pensacola, Fl

A one-year-old boy died and his sister was seriously injured in a collision and fled late at night on the nearby southeast side.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, it happened around 10:30 PM. In the 1600 block of Nelson Street. Police said it was a residential neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic.

Police said the children were in the street at the time of the accident. The driver who hit them left. The officers are trying to piece together what happened.

“We’re going to knock a lot of doors, and we’re going to ask a lot of people if they have doorbells, anything at all, if they see a car speeding away,” said Major Harold Turner of IMPD.

Both children were taken to Riley Children’s Hospital at IU Health, where the one-year-old died of his wounds. Police said the 9-year-old has been admitted to hospital.

The police are asking anyone who may be in the area between 10:20 PM. And 10:30 pm to provide any information they may have.


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