A man dies in Dallas after being rescued from a submerged car


Pensacola, Fl

Dallas police officers go to a lake in an attempt to rescue two people from a late-night car. They’re now blaming an accused drunk driver.

The accident occurred around 9 pm. Close to Rochester Street and William Blair Park in South Dallas.

The officers said the woman had lost control of the car. She drove her taxi car along the lake, and went through several hurdles and a picnic area before ending up in the lake.

Eyewitnesses told the police that there were people in the flooded car.

Five officers entered the water, broke windows, and took out a man and a woman.

The man, 37 years old, Andre Chandler, died in hospital.

The woman is expected to recover and will be charged with manslaughter in a state of intoxication. Her name has not been released yet


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