A 5-year-old boy tries to defend his home against armed intruders


Pensacola, Fl

Surveillance video of a home invasion in Indiana shows a five-year-old boy attacking gunmen who broke into the South Bend family’s home

After four men walk in through the front door, a police video clip shows two men rushing into the living room where a woman and two children are sitting. At least three of the men appeared to be armed.

The video shows the 5-year-old child being accused of beating him from the back. He also threw something at one of the men before pursuing him. The suspects fired shots during the robbery, but no one was injured.

South Bend Police described the video as “disturbing” and issued a statement saying, “You can see a young child beating an armed suspect while he tries to defend his home. Our job now is to defend him.”The police released him in an attempt to track down the suspects involved in the case


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