Pensacola man arrested for kidnapping and molesting a child under 12 years old


Pensacola, Fl

A Pensacola man was arrested after he was accused of pulling a child from behind while walking and molesting her in an apartment complex.

Genoville James Moore, 54, is accused of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and lewd and corrupt behavior.

According to an arrest report from the mayor’s office of Escambia, the girl was with two others in an apartment complex on October 2 when someone took her to use the bathroom.

As they were leaving the apartment, Moore wrapped his arms around the victim and pulled her into his lap, the report says. He started kissing and touching her inappropriately. The two people who were accompanying them told the MPs as soon as they noticed that the victim was not walking behind them, they shouted and ran towards Moore.

A witness told the MPs that they punched Moore in the face, according to the report.

Moore was later arrested and locked up in Escampia County Jail where he was held on $ 200,000 bail.


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