A child dies after being stabbed and left in a basin full of water


Pensacola, Fl

A young boy died and his mother is detained after being stabbed in a West Philadelphia home, according to police.

The accident happened shortly before 10 pm. In complex 4800 of Pine Street.

Police said a man returned home to find his 40-year-old wife with stab wounds to her wrist, which authorities believed were of their own making.

Then the man found his 5-year-old son lying face-down in a basin filled with water. The boy had a superficial tear in his neck.

Paramedics administered CPR on the boy and took him to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but was pronounced dead soon after.

Authorities believe the 40-year-old has some mental health issues. She was taken to hospital from her wounds.

There was no word on whether the authorities had been summoned to the house before.

“We will make a preliminary history of this particular site to see how often and when we went to that site, if any, and the nature of the tasks, but this is part of our routine investigation,” said Scott Small, chief inspector of Philadelphia.

After the woman was treated for her injuries, investigators said she would remain in police custody.

Police said the boy’s father was cooperating with the investigation.


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