He wanted to surprise his father-in-law on his birthday, so he ended up being killed


Pensacola, fl

Police said a man in Florida accidentally shot and killed his brother-in-law after the latter surprised him by jumping from a tree to congratulate him on his birthday. According to the police, the “killer” will not face criminal charges, because the killing was an accident and was committed by mistake.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said that 37-year-old Christopher Bergan arrived in Florida from Norway on Tuesday evening to surprise his 61-year-old father-in-law, Richard Dennis. Bob Johnson described the shooting as an “accident”.

According to eyewitnesses, Richard Dennis went out when he heard a noise in the back of his house, and when Bergan jumped from the tree to scare him, Dennis fired a shot without realizing that his brother-in-law wanted to celebrate his birthday with him on his “way.”


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