An old man kills his wife because of her children


Pensacola, fl

An elderly man killed his wife and tried to separate her head from her body; because she asked him to move from Georgia to Florida.

The quarrel between the spouses began when 66-year-old Roxanne Tenor wanted to live the rest of her life close to her children and grandchildren in Florida, but her husband, Donnie Eaton, did not accept the idea and tried to prevent it from doing so.

Eaton refused to respond to his wife’s request. Because he didn’t want to leave his home in Cobb County, Georgia. However, things took a dangerous turn when Eaton discovered that his wife had already bought a new home in Florida.

Police said, “Eaton used a pocket knife to stab his wife Roxanne several times in the head and neck, before trying to separate her body from her head.”

After committing his heinous crime, Eaton left the house and went to visit his mother’s grave before calling the police to confess his crime.

It is noteworthy that the court sentenced Eaton to life in prison after being convicted on charges of deliberately killing his wife and attempting to abuse her body.


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