A man kills his wife by beating her to death with a hammer


Pensacola, fl

An American living in the Egyptian city of Siwa killed his Egyptian wife by beating her to death with a hammer while she was sleeping, and the horrific crime was the first of its kind in a city known for its peaceful residents.

According to the investigations, the husband admitted to the police that he killed his wife due to irreconcilable disagreements, and the accused said that he was “tired of her” and decided to kill him. They had been married for many years and had five children: the eldest is 15 years old and the youngest is three years old.

A security source clarified that the suspect is from an American family of Spanish origin. The murdered wife is from Cairo and the couple lived in Cairo for 10 years, and they moved to Siwa eight years ago.

The source added that the husband had always been known to isolate himself and physically assault his wife. The source stated that the murder resulted from a quarrel between them

The husband had asked the local unit for a shroud to bury his wife, and he told people that his wife had passed away, then he called some friends to come and prepare for the funeral, until those who prepared for the funeral noticed signs of beatings on her body and called a doctor from a nearby health unit, and this led to the intervention of the police, who questioned The husband confessed to her murder. Citizens of Siwa said that the wife was known for her good treatment and reputation.


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