5 dead after violence across Indianapolis


Pensacola, Fl

Indianapolis recorded the 187th murder case after a violent weekend across the city.

A man died after a shooting in Washington Street. The death adds to a record year in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis City Police are investigating a series of deadly crimes across the city. From Saturday night until Monday morning, five people were killed in separate incidents.

Fatalities include a fatal attack at Marion County Jail and a fatal stabbing on a subway. Police said three people were shot dead.

10:35 p.m. Saturday – An inmate at Marion County Jail is killed in a fatal attack

12 pm Sunday – deadly subway stabbed

12:40 p.m. Sunday – A woman is killed in Castleton and a man is injured

6:30 pm. Sunday – Feder Bell on the southwest side shot one person and wounded another in the shooting

10 p.m. Sunday – E. Washington Street, a person shot in critical condition, died in hospital

8:20 p.m. Sunday – Shooting at 34th Street, seriously injured, and taken to hospital in stable condition

11:42 pm Sunday – Street 34 AH .. Male and female victims

According to IMPD, Martin Cruz, 38, died after being attacked in Marion County Jail on Saturday. Officers were called to Eskenazi Hospital for an investigation into the death after Cruz was found unresponsive.

At about 12 pm on Sunday, officers were called to a fatal stabbing incident near a subway at 120 W Street 38. A man was announced dead at the scene of trauma consistent with stab wounds.

About 40 minutes later, IMPD officers responded to the Castleton shooting, in which a woman was killed and a man wounded.

Investigators found a person lying on the street at 8700 blocks of Masters Street. Later, they learn that a car has broken into a building at 8400 Craig Street. The woman in the car had been shot. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Six hours later, the officers were dispatched to 7100 Block in Feder Place. Two people were shot at the scene. While both were in critical condition at first, police said one of the shooting victims later died.

At about 10 p.m., IMPD responded to a shooting at 2500 Street of East Washington Avenue. An adult man was found wounded by a bullet at the site and taken to a hospital in the area in critical condition. Police said he died later of his wounds.

Cases are still under investigation.


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