A man was shot dead after a crash


Pensacola, Fl

A man is killed by a fatal bullet after a crash and possible state of fury on the road on North-bound Interstate 75 at Fort Wright.

Kenton County Reporter got a call around 1pm. About an accident on I-75 north of the Kyles Lane exit, according to Fort Wright Police Chief Ed Butler.

Butler says the call was updated to potential road rage with gunshots.

Police arrived at the scene to find two car crashes and a man was shot dead /

Butler says the victim was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The president says he believes the victim died from a gunshot wound, not from the accident.

He says they are interviewing several witnesses to determine exactly what happened, but apparently there was a crash followed by gunfire.

Cassidy Walsh says she saw the effects of the crash and described it as one of the scariest things she’s ever seen.

Speaking of the shooter, Walsh said, “He kind of looked like he was angry and just wanted to shoot anyone who was in his way. He was totally raging.”

“You can definitely tell the gunman was definitely on fire,” she added. Walsh said, “When I saw him take that out of his car, he was definitely bitter.” “So I definitely think it was the road to rage for sure.”

Walsh says she was stuck in traffic and didn’t think much about it at first, but quickly realized she was in the middle of an escalating situation.

“The girl who was driving the car started screaming,” Gunman! Walsh said, The gunman! Then this guy ran in front of the car. “I don’t even know where he came from, and he was hiding in front of the car.”

Walsh says she doesn’t think the man was involved in the accident, but was just trying to help.

“The look on his face was horrific.”

Ultimately Walsh said he moved, and traffic began to pick up again. As she was leaving, she said the gunman aimed his rifle barrel in a car.

“It was scary, definitely scary, because I’ve never been this near a situation like this before,” she said.

Butler explains that they believe they know who the shooter is and are confident that there is no ongoing danger to society.

Butler explained: “At this stage, and because the investigation is still ongoing, I do not want to comment on who was injured and who are the victims, but they were people involved in the accident.” “It wasn’t necessarily any random person or anything like that.”


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