Woman arrested for child rape


Pensacola, Fl

A woman in Green County faces a court date after Jonesboro police arrested her on suspicion of raping a child.

Anna Makela Bruington, 21, from Paragould, was arrested on suspicion of rape.

According to a possible cause affidavit, Jonesboro Police received a call from the Arkansas State Police’s Crimes Against Children unit about the case.

The event told police that the accident occurred in the fall of 2019, when Brurington took him to the home of a loved one.

“The event mentioned that (a member of his family) was not home, so Brewington took him to the McDonald’s restaurant in Red Wolf and had him eat something,”

After they left McDonald’s, Priwington drove to the parking lot at Turtle Creek Mall, where the accident occurred, the affidavit indicated.

A $ 100,000 bond was assigned to Brewington during a potential hearing.

The judge also issued a non-contact order between Bruington and the victim in the case.


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